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Real estate is huge business, with many mega commercial real estate firms vying for customers. Their portfolios are attractive and require many man-hours to service. Like mega banks that are losing the battle on customer service to local banks and savings-and-loans companies; savvy investors know that personalized, attention-to-detail service from a boutique firm brings higher results.

When you use a local boutique firm like Andretta Properties, you get:

•  Local market intelligence
•  Personalized service from professionals who live where your property is located
•  Faster response time to requests
•  A vetted database of known investors interested in opportunities in the Tampa Bay area

So when you want the absolute best, personalized service for your hard-earned investments, don’t settle for being just another folder at a huge mill. Get the one-on-one care you deserve.



Andretta Properties understands the backbone of our company is you, the client, without whom we would not be in business. Therefore, our mission is to operate as a team, where each part is synchronized on the client’s needs; ensuring the highest level of professionalism, personal service, market intelligence and results. Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction and ROI.

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