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Commercial Real Estate Can be Stressful; It Doesn’t Have to Be!

Real estate is huge business, with many mega commercial real estate firms vying for customers. Their portfolios require many man-hours to service a client and can leave them wanting. Savvy investors know that personalized, attention-to-detail service from a boutique firm, Like Andretta Properties, brings higher results. See why our clients keep coming back and see Andretta Properties as their right hand in Tampa Bay!

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Dell Dahl, President of STAJAC INDUSTRIES

“Greg Andretta, SIOR, was instrumental in working with us to locate the right warehouse for our needs. He listened to what we wanted and needed, and then found the right building and location we wanted. When we needed to expand into the northern United States, Cleveland, he was there to represent us, as well as when we expanded out west to Nevada.”